Weighted Average (average of average)




You will need this for pivoting stats such as Avg. position in Google ads



  • Take Impressions
  • Get average position(s)so you can see how many times the ad was displayed (this number would have been used to work out the average)


  • Then calculate your own metrics ‘Avg. Position Index’

Do this by multiplying Impressions by Av. Position.


  • We can now make a pivot table from this data and create a calculated field for our true average position.

It’s simply the sum of the average position index divided by the sum of impressions.


To create a custom field/equation in a pivot table
– select a cell in the pivot table
– go to Analyze tab
– click fields, items & sets —> calculated field




Weight Average Quality Score


To do this with Av. Quality Score.


  • Download the Keyword’s impressions & Quality score
  • Create the index by multiplying Quality Score by Impressions.
  • Then Sum both the Quality Score & Impressions & divide them.
    – Sum of Quality Score INDEX/Sum of Impressions


This will give you a weighted average comparing all KWs.


See spreadsheet below for an example: