Writing Google Adwords Copy / Text


Start with “why?”

Highlight the benefits and features of your product – why would someone want to buy it?

Highlight the benefits over the features.

e.g. Your book will help you to lose weight – this should be emphasised over the length of the book etc.

  • Using ‘The Official’ where possible in Adwords description increases click through rate.
    For example “The Official MMA gym.” or “The official Hardware store in Utah”
    The term “official” is used just as an advertising blag, but it promotes trust, even if it is a bit meaningless
  • If possible use a registered trademark symbol in the headline. This will increase CTR by 5-10% normally (depending how good the ads were previously)
  • Experiment with the www. and without for the display URL
  • ‘Discount Language’ – if product is familiar to people like car insurance, then state discounts.  If product is more unique, talk about the product benefits.
  • Experiment with exclamation marks at the end of descriptions
  • The headline is the most important. A/B test this.
  • Try unique ‘things’ in adwords copy – like using “(Recommended)” in the description, which will stand out
  • Don’t repeat the benefits – give 2 different reasons why people should click your ad
  • Remember people scan the ads, not read them as such. So use full stops to make the descriptions easier to read and hyphens.
  • Use exciting, attention grabbing words.
    “Instantly” is more exciting than “soon”
    “Maximise” is more exciting than “improve”
  • Be mindful of ‘Loss Aversion’.  Use phrases like “don’t lose money” and “don’t be last” to tap into this psychological trait
  • Try using words like “get” instead of “buy” or “purchase”
  • Mobile traffic has terrible conversion rate. This is a problem for Google as mobile traffic is growing. It turns on mobile adverts by default.
  • Google Display Network traffic converts poorly too. Most small businesses shouldn’t bother with GDN, except for remarketing
  • Use ad extensions.  Start with Site Link extensions
    • Use Qualifiers – like price and dates.  This stops people looking for free stuff etc. from clicking and wasting your money.


2 other tips for Adwords


      • Check Search Details reports at least twice a week. Add to negative keyword lists any unrelated keywords
      • Don’t bother bidding on competitor brand terms, as CTR, quality score and conversion are always bad. DO bid on your own branded terms though.
      • Use the Ad Preview tool to see competitor’s copy and do something better


Don’t use these things in your Adwords Copy

Excessive capitalisation
No exclamations in the headline
Use only one exclamation per day
You can’t use official trademarks of other companies