Screaming Frog

 can Advanced Techers

To exclude dynamic URLs

Click Configuration

This exclues all URLs that include a ? in the address.  The backslash before the question mark, escapes the question mark, so that it isn’t treated as a special character

You can exclude other URLs e.g. author pages, category pages, see video:

Crawl a Folder

Spider Mode

Enter folder URL in the address bar – e.g.

Go to Configuration on the top nav bar


Enter URL with .* at the end e.g.*

Click “ok”

then “Start”

Find the Source of a 404

Go to the 404 URL and click on it in Screaming Frog itself (not on an exported sheet)

Click “Inlinks” tab at the bottom, and see what the anchor text is

If the “Inlink” is the same as the 404ing URL, then check the redirects – search screaming frog for the “From” URL that shows on the “Inlink” tab


Exporting InLinks in Screaming Frog

Go to “Bulk Export” at the very top menu
“All Inlinks” from the drop down menu


Check Sitemap For 404s

No need to download the sitemap into excel, you can go to list mode, then Upload – download sitemap (or sitemap index if several sitemaps)