Maintaining a Google Adwords Account

Be sure to maintain any Adwords campaigns and keep them fresh, otherwise quality score is bound to drop…

Every month at least, you should be doing fresh:

  • Keyword Research
  • Identifying negative keywords
  • Revising bids
  • Reviewing & Testing Landing Pages

  • Check the “Search Term Report” and add irrelevant keywords to the negative keyword list.
    Change broad to exact if specific keywords are converting
    Check more often if you have broad match keywords – ideally daily.

  • Keyword Opportunities – Check your notifications in your adwords account (should flag up in top right corner)

  • Monthly review of the Keyword List. Expand and refine.
    Use the keyword planner and sites like Quora (put into SEMRush) to check keywords. Keyword research ideas here

  • Review matching options – can modified broad match keywords be changed to exact?

  • Write fresh ad copy – monthly (at least) – Create at least one fresh ad to be used per ad group

  • Pause or delete poor performing adverts

  • Bid reviews – look at locations, device etc and review specific bids
    In the 2017 interface –
    Go to “Locations” (Under Settings, normally at Campaign Level) – to adjust for locations
    Devices – to increase/decrease bids for devices
    Demographics – to increase/decrease bids for different demographics
    Ad Schedule – increase bids for days and/or times.
    You may need to create your own custom Ad schedule to drill down to adjust bids hourly etc.

on average—all of the conversions in an AdWords account come from just 9% of the account’s keywords.


  • To get rid of the poorly performing keywords…

Get 3-6 months worth of Data

Open AdWords and—while viewing “All campaigns”—go to the Keywords tab.

Open the “Details” drop down menu and click “Search Terms All.”

Export the report!

Show keywords with zero conversions

  • Review the Landing Pages

Make sure landing pages are as relevant as possible.
Test them
Tweak one thing at a time on the page and retest

  • Review Ad Schedule

You will always need to change the ad schedule so it better matches the ROI you are looking for.

The best ways to analyze whether your ad scheduling is working is by accessing your current ad schedule

  • Perform Routine Keyword Bid Management

Quick tips for optimizing your AdWords bids:

  • Do whatever it takes (while staying true to your goal) to stay in top three – CTR and click volume are much higher there
  • Not all keywords will be profitable. Some are losers, some are winners, but they all contribute to the bottom line
  • Bid higher, when you’re in a low position and see high ROI
  • Bid lower, when you’re seeing a low ROI



  • Go to the account level
  • View Keywords
  • Sort by Status
  • See which Keywords aren’t eligible and fix them if possible.

Also see Schedule Spreadsheet here

Check Status Codes of Landing Pages

In Editor – go to Keywords – Filter – status “Enabled”, Filter – ad group – “Enabled” , Filter – Campaign “Enabled” – Account – Export – Current View. Remove duplicates – add to to check status codes