Illustrator Retro Logo Design


Retro Logo Design in Illustrator

Check out this brilliant tutorial here –


  1. Select the Ellipse tool, select black fill & no stroke
  2. hold down shift to create a perfect circle
  3. Copy and paste the circle in front (CMD + C, then CMD + F)
  4. Scale down the 2nd circle using Alt & Shift and the selection tool
  5. Change the stroke of the 2nd circle to white and increase to 5pts
  6. Copy & Paste another circle, resize using ALT & Shift and make it white
  7. Paste in another circle! Make this one black and scale it down again using ALT & Shift
  8. Create a stripe effect with another circle, no-fill, 1pt black stroke.
  9. Repeat this so that there are 3 lines in the white area of the circle.
  10. In the middle line – bring up the stroke-panel – tick the “Dashed Line” option
  11. Select ’round cap’ option and 0pt dash – 17pt gap. Increase stroke to 4pts
  12. For the ridges on the outside effect – Select the first – largest circle –
  13. In the horizontal menu go to “Effect” –> “Distort & Transform” —>Zig Zag
  14. Select – size – 1, ridges per segment – 24 (NO stroke)
  15. Add your main icon or create it using the shapes tools in Illustrator
  16. Download the ‘dust files’ from spoongraphics for the ‘distressed’ effect
  17. Create a new layer and paste the ‘distress’ on top and drag across
  18. Done!

Here’s a couple of variations!


Logo Design Illustrator