Google Ads Freelancer

Google’s pay per click ads provide the foundation of leads for many businesses. With Google looking to increase profits year on year, it has really pushed and promoted ads on their search results pages – especially on mobile devices, where its now often necessary to scroll past 4 results and map listings before reaching the ‘organic’ results.

google ads certified freelancer

It is extremely easy to waste a lot of money with Google Ads. If you are going to try it yourself then by sure to stick with very specific search terms (also called keywords) and it is normally best to use the ‘Exact Match Type’. It is also important to arrange ad groups and campaigns into very specific keyword groups, that target specific areas and demographics. By default Google can start your campaign with ‘broad match’ keyword matchtype which will often mean that your ads end up showing on completely irrelevant searches.

Combining Google Ads with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio is crucial in order to track and adapt each ad group and campaign. This allows all decisions to be ‘data-driven’ with poorly performing campaigns, ad groups and keywords either altered or switched-off, and high-performing campaigns left to run and emulated across the account.

Using analytics allows us to see which campaigns, lead to sales and leads, without this information valuable advertising budget could be wasted.

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