JQuery Toggle

The Free WordPress platform doesn’t seem to like my code, but here is an image of what it should ‘look’ like in the .js file


please see here for a demo – http://drewphp.zymichost.com/Toggle.html

The second header, h2, is hidden by the hide() function.
When the h1 is clicked, the h2 appears.  It takes 1 second (1000 ms) for it to appear

This is very handy for SEO.  If you want to include “Long Tail” Keywords but don’t want to untidy your page with loads of text, then use the toggle, so that people can click to “read more” and reveal more text.  Google should be able to index and ‘read’ all of the long tail text too.  So it’s neat and tidy and also has lots of keyword content for Google to index.

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