Disavow Process

  1. Download all links from WMTs, Majestic and SEMRush – and any other backlink checkers you have access to.

2. Add all the links together in one column.

3. Trim URLs to domains
On a new tab, trim to domains using:

=IF(ISERROR(FIND("//www.",A2)), MID(A2,FIND(":",A2,4)+3,FIND("/",A2,9)-FIND(":",A2,4)-3), MID(A2,FIND(":",A2,4)+7,FIND("/",A2,9)-FIND(":",A2,4)-7))

4. Remove Duplicates
 Data Tab
Remove Duplicates

So there is a list of unique domains

5. Add list of unique domains to a new spreadsheet

6. Before reviewing links

Do a vlookup against the last review and/or disavow file to identify the new links and domains.
Delete any links that have already been reviewed previously.
You should now have a list of new domains and URLs to review

Put the remaining domains in Alphabetical order

7. Get an Example URL to review for each domain
Make Column A “domain”, Column B “Example URL”
Get example URLs by using this formula:


Change “DomainstoReview” in the formula above, to match the sheet within which the original list of URLs/Backlinks exists.
The formula will get an example URL – to review for that domain

8. Add Trust Flow using SEO Tools for each domain

9. Add SEMRush metrics if possible using SEO Tools

10. Add a column for “Approve/Disavow” and a column for a “note” to add to the disavow file e.g.
#These sites and links are not relevant

11. With all the Domains and URLs you want to disavow – create a .txt file
If you want to disavow the entire site, prefix it with “Domain:”

12. Submit to the Disavow Tool