Google WebMaster Tools / Search Console

Change of site address

Go to settings in the top right (the cog icon)

Select “Change of Address”

Enter new address and go through the relevant checks


Changing Crawl Speed


Apologies for the yellow screenshot – I used Flux  to cut out all the blue light from my monitor.

To change the crawl speed

Go to the gear icon in the top right

Then site settings

Then click the “Limit Google’s maximum crawl rate”


Submit Sitemap

Go to:
Add/Test Sitemap (red button in the top right)

Fetch as Google

Make sure Google can crawl your pages, and then submit the URL to the index.

Go to:
Fetch as Google


URL Parameters

This is used for ecommerce sites and sites with complex navigation.

More info here –


For a brief overview of the basic functions of WMTs, here’s my professionally made video: