Illustrator – Heart Shape

Creating a Heart Shape in Adobe Illustrator

  • Select the circle tool
  • Left click on the art board and add 100 and 100 as the dimensions
  • Edit > Copy > Paste in place
  • Hold shift and drag second circle to the right
  • Rectangle Tool – create any sized rectangle
  • Make sure SmartGuides are on
  • Drag rectangle so that the rectangle’s left side, lines up with the middle of the left circle:
  • Now line up the other side with the middle of the right circle:
  • Go to the pathfinder menu and click the “Unite/Add” option:
  • Now click the Rotate tool in the left-hand-menu
  • Hold shift and rotate the shape 45 degrees
  • Copy – paste in place
  • Object>Transform>reflect (make sure it is vertical setting)

It should now look like this:

  • Select all of the shape
  • Hold alt & shift
  • drag a copy
  • On the copy, move one of the rounded rectangle shapes closer:
  • Choose the shape that you want (probably the one on the right)
  • Select the shape
  • Go to pathfinder and select “Divide” (normally on the bottom left)
  • Use the direct select tool, to remove the bottom left and right bits

taken from this free udemy course: