Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audit

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Technical SEO involves examining at a website’s code and markup to ensure that it is optimised in order to give it the best chance to rank on search engines such as Google & Bing.

Page Speed

Analysing page speed on all devices is a crucial aspect of both SEO and User Experience (UX). With Google using page speed and user engagement as ranking factors, it is important that a website loads quickly to avoid users leaving your website, before it loads. When this happens it is called a ‘bounce’ and will have a negative impact on all facets of digital marketing.


Mobile Optimisation

With Google now using its mobile first index and more people year on year accessing the web primarily on a mobile device, designing from a ‘mobile-first’ perspective and having a responsive website is crucial to optimising for organic search.


Meta Information

Meta robots, meta titles and meta descriptions are all important aspects of technical SEO. Ensuring the proper use of meta-robots tags in combination with the robots.txt file and x-robots attributes ensures the optimal use of link-equity. Meta titles are important for SEO, not only because they inform Google about relevancy, but they also impact click-through-rate from the search engine results pages.


Image Optimisation

Images are a vital aspect of user experience and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). However, images are often not scaled properly, do not contain appropriate ‘alt text’ and can hinder page speed. Proper sizing, compression and when appropriate the implementation of a CDN such as Cloudinary, can make a huge difference in terms of keyword rankings on Google.


Site Architecture

Making sure that Google can access all levels of your website and prioritising specific pages with internal links is a vital element of technical SEO and ‘on page optimisation’. Having a logical site structure & heirachy, fixing any broken links and removing any unnecessary redirects is also very important for crawl budget.

Content Optimisation

The term “content is king” has been used in the SEO industry for a number of years. Content certainly is very important, written content as well as graphics, data visualisations and videos. Having pages full of thin content can also impact crawl budget and keyword rankings. Creating “pillar content” that is the best for a specific topic or has a unique ‘angle’- such as a unique data insights and a free template or pdf – can improve user experience by providing unique value. Optimising for rich snippets and voice search can also help generate more brand awareness and high quality, relevant traffic.

Please get in touch for a chat. Our technical SEO audits start from £199 for sites less than 200 pages.

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