Remarketing in Google Analytics

Step By Step – Remarketing in Google Analytics

First you need to go to Admin in GA and link GA with Adwords

Also in Admin, under Tracking Information, make sure “Remarketing” is set to ON
and “Advertising Reporting Features” is also set to ON


Then in 1 of the GA reports, use a custom segment to create a remarketing audience. Click the down arrow and then choose “Build Audience”

Fill in all the details and name the audience.

This will now appear under “Shared Library” in your chosen Adwords account.

New Custom Segment

To get really specific remarketing audiences, go to +New Segment and create a custom segment of your own based on the data that you want.

You can choose demographic data, devices, behaviour etc

It’s a great idea to use ‘conditions’.

This example will remarket to people who haven’t completed a specific goal: