Making Banners in Adobe Illustrator


  • Open Stroke Window & Appearance Window/Panel
  • Stroke adjust to 2 pts
  • Change “Cap & Corner” of stroke to Round
  • Draw a Rectangle as the main part of the banner “Part A”
  • Make a much smaller rectangle, but the same height as the previous one to act as the corner-part of the banner “Part B”
  • With the pen tool,
    add an anchor point on the side of the “Part B”, half way up
    Then with direct selection tool & holding shift
    drag the anchor point towards the centre:

How to Banner Illustrator

  • Send “Part B” to the back – Object>Arrange>Send to Back
  • Arrange Part B so that the ‘Mouth’ is just above the bottom line of the rectangle
  • Draw a straight line from the bottom left corner of Part A, to the bottom right of Part B

illustrator banner

  • Replicate Part B / The corner part by grouping – CMD + G
  • Then paste – CMD + C, CMD + F to paste in front
  • Then move across – selection tool and drag and hold shift
  • Then right click >Transform>Vertical
  • Align the corner up properly and that’s it! Basic banner done

Make sure you select every piece / element of the banner and press CMD + G to group it together and use the selection tool to move it around

Use the align panel to put it horizontally in the centre of your design

To make a banner with a curve, select the banner and the text to go on the banner

Go to Effect>Warp>Arc


For an asymmetrical banner go to Effect>Warp>Play