I’m 34 – Should I write a Will?



It’s not something that I’ve considered before, but no that I have offspring (well one on the way in 1.5 months) it’s something I should put in place.

This webpage does a convincing job of persuading me to get the proverbial ball rolling, and contact a solicitor to get this sorted.  Especially as I have a mortgage, and well, 2 dogs as well!

You can use the webpage by clicking on the 3 bits of pink text, and separately, choosing a reason that you haven’t bothered writing a well from the pink drop down menu that appears.

I chose “it’s too expensive”, “I’m too young” (haha) and “it’s too time consuming”.  Apparently, it’s not too expensive (normally costs about £150 from my research), I could die anytime and it only takes 1 or 2 appointments to get the will sorted out.

So get going, and contact a solicitor or will writer. After all, you don’t want your kids worrying about finances, when they’ve just lost a love one. Poor Ted wouldn’t know where to start…


Puppy Update – Mr Chow has gone mental

So last week we picked up “Mr Chow” from a house/farm-house in Welshpool.
Mr Chow was initially, as quiet as a proverbial mouse, even resorting to hiding from us all behind the shoe rack.

Well a week later, the little bugger is hyper, and keeps, literally jumping on Ted – our 5-year-old springer spaniel.

I’m not sure if Mr Chow is playing, or if he’s already started trying to place himself in the Alpha Male position, but either way, Ted isn’t happy.

Obviously he can’t be jumping on and nipping at Ted all the time. He also insists on lying in Ted’s basket whenever possible, instead of his own.

Ted just growls at him, and every so often we have to give Mr Chow a time out for 5 minutes in his cage until he’s calmed down a bit.

Any ideas of how to chill Mr Chow are more than welcome.

Here’s a video of him being as tame as possible:


I think next time we think about getting another dog, we will consider the option of adopting one instead!

Although, I was interested to read recently, that dog ownership has a number of reported benefits including:
– Increased levels of happiness! Thanks to the interaction and love received from a dog

– A more active social life. People are much more likely to interact with dog owners for some reasons. If you have a dog and a baby in a sling, people don’t leave you alone!

– Increased immunity – because they’re always covered in stinky dirt and fleas and stuff

– More exercise – people with dogs tend to get out and exercise more


If you still don’t fancy getting up at 5.30am to walk the dog before work every day, the Aspinall Foundation for example, offer a range of beautiful animals to adopt. Every adoption package includes a personalised e-certificate, a species factsheet, a regular newsletter and animal updates.

Ambam the Gorilla
Ambam the Gorilla

I’ve always wanted my own gorilla!

Although Mr Chow is arguably a more practical pet.