Setting Up Remarketing & RLSA

Very difficult to find a tutorial on this using the new Adwords interface.

To begin with

Remarketing in Google Analytics

Enable Remarketing in Google Analytics

Go to the Admin part of Google Analytics

In the Property (middle) column click – Tracking info – Data Collection:



Turn on Remarketing ON and Advertising Reporting Features ON

– Next link to Adwords:

Still in Admin and in the same column

Go to Audience definitions – Audiences:




You’ll now be prompted to create a new campaign in Adwords:


Apply Remarketing Tag in Google Tag Manager

If you haven’t already you will have to add the remarketing tag/code to your website:

Inside Adwords

Click – Audiences – in the sidebar inside Adwords

Select the remarketing list that you just set up straight from Google Analytics

Then click Audience Sources:

Click Details

Scroll down and click “Setup Instructions and tag code”


Scroll down and click Use Tag Manager – then copy the code that appears in the box:


Now over to Google Tag Manager

Create a variable first:

Click “NEW” under User Defined Variables

name it – “GAconversionID”

Choose “Constant” and give it the value of the ID from Google Adwords (the code we copied)

Create a Tag:

Name it “Adwords Remarketing Tag”

Under Tag configuration – Choose Google Adwords Remarketing

Conversion ID – use the variable that you just created – GAconversionID

Fire it on all pages (unless you only want it to fire on a specific page)

Publish the changes.

Use the Google Chrome Tag Assistant extension to check the remarketing tag is live on your site.

Note – if you use an Adblocker, you can get an error message here.

RLSAs – coming soon! for now, see this video: