Delete Columns with a Specific Header

If you are working with a large amount of data, and you want to delete columns with a specific heading, then using the right-click method on your mouse could take quite a while.

You can use VBA to do it a lot quicker.

  • Enable the developer tab in Excel – the video below explains how:
  • Hold down Alt key and F11 to bring up VBA editor
  • Click insert – module
  • Add the code:
Sub remove_columns()
For i = ActiveSheet.Columns.Count To 1 Step -1
If InStr(1, Cells(1, i), "position") Then Columns(i).EntireColumn.Delete
Next i
End Sub
  • Where the code says “position” change to the text you want i.e. header text that denotes a column to delete
  • save as macro enabled workbook

By the way, the video above shows all the steps, not just how to install the developer tab.