Local SEO CheckList

Google Page

– 100% complete your Google My Business Page

– Delete any duplicate pages – check on Google Maps by searching your phone number

– Add email address from your website to the Google Business Page  e.g. use Drew@blackbeltwhitehat.com instead of Drewgriffiths@gmail.com

Google Business Page

– Verify your page – by phone or postcard

– Ensure page is in the correct category

– Introduction should be 250 words+ of unique content

– Upload high quality photos to your Google Page and add a Virtual Tour

 Landing Page
– Include a crawable Name, Address and Phone Number

– Include business hours on landing page

– Have at least 400 words of unique content on the landing page

– Include village and town/county in Meta title and description

– Meta Description should also include busines name, and phone number

– Include a single H1 Tag.

– Include driving instructions and embed the classic Google maps widget/code

– Add reviews in a <div> with hreview markup – http://microformats.org/wiki/hreview-examples
Or add reviews to the schema markup – http://www.microdatagenerator.com/reviews-schema/

– If Appropriate add the city and town/county etc to image Alt text

– Add Name, address and phonenumber to hCard markup

– Add a KML File – see this tutorial 

– Make sure your site is mobile friendly

– GeoTags – Google doesn’t use them, but Bing relies on them, a lot.

– Make sure your business is on Apple Maps – https://mapsconnect.apple.com

– Try and have at least 10 positive reviews on your Google page and FaceBook

– Add geo-tagged social content – for example upload and tag videos on Youtube

– Anchor text – have the vast majority of links use branded anchor text, but sprinkle in some anchor text that includes location

– Analyse competitors – look at their backlinks, see which local directories they use

– Add your business to at least 5 local directories, add your Twitter profile to at least 2 twitter directories also.  How many citations/directory submissions you should create is a hot topic. Play it cautious to begin with. You can always disavow the links if you fear you’ve been penalised (local penalties don’t give you a notification, apparently).

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