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Digital marketing services from a team with over 30 years’ combined industry experience. Whether you need a market analysis, a review of your Google Ads account or a content strategy with full implementation, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.

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Pay Per Click marketing is often abbreviated to “PPC”. The term relates to the model that is traditionally used for online adverts on both search engines such as Google and social media website such as Facebook. With PPC advertising, you are effectively paying for traffic.

It is important that the traffic that you pay for is highly relevant and likely to convert into a lead and a client or customer. In order to make this possible, it is important to plan and deploy relevant tracking with tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager, to target specific sets of people according to your ideal customer persona and to optimise specific webpages to make visitors more likely to ‘convert’ by making a purchase, by submitting a form or making a phone call.

Yet another digital marketing abbreviation – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is the process and science of gaining more, and higher search engine rankings, primarily on Google and Bing. To do this typically involves auditing and editing the code and copy on specific pages that have been identified as the most specific and the best for ranking for specific search terms.

Headings, markup and images should all be optimised in this process which is often called ‘On-Page Optimisation’. ‘Off Page Optimisation’ involves creating great content – including graphics, videos, resources, surveys & data visualisations – then are then promoted in an effort to gain brand mentions, traffic and hyperlinks from authoritative websites.

Both SEO & PPC must be tracked with proper analytics software in order for reporting, ‘remarketing’ and optimisation to be accurate.

Underpinning all the digital marketing efforts of course, is a professionally designed website. Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically in recent years and a large percentage of potential clients & customers will visit a company’s website before making a purchase.

Delivering strong marketing messages and reinforcing your brand with a professional website is crucial. According to some reports, 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website and a massive 97% of people go online to find a local business.

Client Testimonial

“Drew designed & developed our Google and Linkedin Ads campaigns…delivering amazing results on such a tight budget”

Francis Johnson
Managing Director at Parallel Security Limited

reviews seo

“Drew designed & developed our Google and Linkedin Ads campaigns. The brief was very specific looking for business-owners and social-workers for our security and secure-transport businesses. These campaigns are still ongoing – they are delivering amazing results on such a tight budget”

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