Trimming URLs in Excel

If you find a massive list of blogs, websites or similar that you want to add to a list, it can be a pain in the neck.

Getting each URL individually from this list for example = massive ball ache

Lis of blogs

Here’s how to make the process as easy as possible:

Press ctrl + U (or right click and ‘view source/code’)

Search for the name of the first blog/website in the list and copy all the code down to the last blog/website in the list.

Paste all of the code that you have just copied into the Buzzstream tool


Copy and paste the extracted URLs into an excel document.

If the URLs still need trimming, try this:

URL trimmer excel


In a cell, let’s say cell E3 – add this code –


With your URLs copied, right click on cell A3 and paste all of your URLs

In Cell E3, you should see a shortened version of the URL   – the code will removed any text after the first forward slash /

Note – you may have to remove the http:// first, otherwise the code will shorten everything to http:/

The code to remove the first 7 characters (and therefore the http://) is =RIGHT(A3,LEN(A3)-7)


To remove everything after the final trailing slash (e.g. tracking parameters) use the following:

=SUBSTITUTE(A2,TRIM(LEFT(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(A2,"/",REPT(" ",100)),100),100)),"")

In fact, just use this spreadsheet:

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