Google Tag Manager – Facebook Pixel Tracking

Install the FB Pixel tracking code so that you can:
– Build a remarketing audience
– Start Conversion Tracking on URL basis

For example, you could build an audience in FB Advert Manager for people who viewed your website and went to a particular URL on your website.

Get the Facebook Pixel Code

  • Grab the FB Pixel Code – top left burger menu – bottom option

  • Click “Set Up Pixel”
  • Select to Copy & Paste Code (Manual Set up Method)
  • Copy the code

Go to Google Tag Manager

  • First you need an ‘All Pages’ Trigger
  • Click Triggers in left sidebar
  • Create a New Trigger – Type = Page View – Fire On = All Page Views
  • Select “Tags’ From left sidemenu
  • Name the Tag – FB – Base Pixel Code – All Pages (For example)
  • Click ‘box’ to configure – Choose “Custom HTML”
  • Paste in code (Some people remove the ‘noscript’ code as pointless in GTM)
  • Set the trigger to an “All Pages” Trigger
  • Save – Preview – Debug And then Publish

  • Choose relevant Pixel
  • “Event Debugging” is the equivalent of Real Time reporting in GA
  • A pageview should report in this section if you refresh a page of your website that the code is on