Local SEO 2015

Local SEO Checklist 2015
For you contact-page or relevant local landing page

  • Include location and keyword in meta titles
  • Include location and keyword in URL e.g. example.com/accountant-Manchester
  • Embed Youtube videos on your site where possible.  Put keyword in title if possible and location. Put Name Address Phone number (NAP) in the description. Geo Tag the video – to do this go to – video manager, info and settings – advanced settings
  • In your location specific page, link back to your reviews and listings on Yelp, FB, Google
  • On your location page, link back to official local websites.

e.g. put the text “Proudly serving Warrington” on the Warrington page

  • Register your business with the exact same NAP on Foursquare, Google Business Pages, Central Index, Thomson Local, Scoot, Touch Local, The Mirror/Independent directories
  • Place reviews on your website, using hcard schema markup (Can get plugins to do this on WordPress)
  • Search with your postcode on Google Maps.  Any ‘nearby places’ that show up, link to them on Google Maps from within your location page
  • In your website footer have NAP and markup using Business Format Schema~
  • Have an image with the location in the alt text
  • Any listings on the likes of Yelp; link to these from your blog. Ideally create blogs on tumblr, eblogger, wordpress and embed videos and use other content (link back to source and add commentary).  This will give your business citations more authority.
  • Link back to your blog as often as possible on social channels
  • Onlywire.com can be used to syndicate content and social pages, but is a paid-for service
  • Upload pics to www.panoramio.com and flickr. Geotag using longitude and latitude and embed on your blog or siteLocal SEO checklist 2015
  • Geotag lattitude and longitude on your location pages:<meta name=”geo.position” content=”latitude; longitude“>
    <meta name=”geo.placename” content=”Place Name“>
    <meta name=”geo.region” content=”Country Subdivision Code“>
  • Have your NAP in the website footer. Link a KML file to the address
  • Add Facebook open graph code to the location page header
  • On your Facebook page, if you have multiple locations, use Tabfoundry to add multiple locationsMultiple Locations Business FAcebook
Locations FAcebook
TabFoundry – Create a New Tab and place Google Maps widget within it

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