Important AdWords Reports

Some important reports to pull from your Adwords campaigns

Top Vs Other

Level – Campaign, Ad Groups, Keywords

Where to find it


What it Tells You
The report shows performance in the “Top” positions (usually positions 1 to 4), or the “other” positions (usually down the side)

What to Glean from the Report
Sometimes the top position doesn’t give the best return on investment.

Top Movers


What it Tells You
Changes in performance and where the changes occur.
You can compare week on week, or compare 14 day periods or 28 days.

You can compare cost, clicks, conversions and converted clicks.
You can drill down to campaign, ad group, network and device level.

What to Glean from the Report
Shows you were big changes in performance have occurred, so you can analyse and potentially recover or capitalise on changes.

DIY All Inclusive Report

To download campaign or a whole account of Data

Download Adwords Editor

Click “Accounts”

Click “Add”

Select the part of the account you’d like to download

Click “OK”


Download Adwords Editor

Download your data into the Editor

In the Top Horizontal menu click on:
Export Whole Account

Got nuts with your excel skills to create whatever reports you want.
Probably use Pivot Tables

Other Predefined Reports

Just hit the “Reports” Tab



Report Editor

Still in the Reports tab

Click “+ Report”


Drag and drop elements into the visual interface to create your report.

Such as:

Campaign Volume Over Time





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