Illustrator – Shield Icon

How to draw a shield icon or logo in Adobe Illustrator

  • Select the pen tool
  • Left click on the art board and move your mouse over to the left to drag the ‘line’:
  • Hold down the left mouse key as you drag upwards and to the left to create the top concave outline of the shield
  • hold down the alt key and click the ‘anchor point’ to create a straight point
hold down the ALT key and click the anchor point to prevent more curves!
  • Hold down shift and click below and to the left to make the next part of the shield’s outline:
  • Left click – below and to the right slightly to start the left-hand-side of the outline, drag the handle down and left slightly to add the inward curve:
  • Add two more curves by clicking and dragging the handles along the path of the line
  • ALT click the final anchor point

  • Make sure the top of the shape, lines up with the bottom anchor point – Go to the pen tool and the add anchor point tool
  • Show Smart Guides – drag a vertical guide from the left to line up with the bottom of the shield
  • Use the Add Anchor Point Tool (hidden under the Pen Tool) – to Add another point at the top of the shield, that is inline with the bottom
  • Use the Direct Selection Tool – select the anchor point to the top right and hit delete to get rid of it:
  • Finish the left hand side of the shield – select the pen tool – click at the top and pull down a line to the bottom and click to joint it all as one:

create the right hand side

  • select the whole shape as it is
  • Switch the stroke and fill, so the shield is coloured in
  • Edit > copy – Edit> paste in place
  • Object>Transform>Reflect – Vertical, 90 degrees
  • Shift and drag the new shape to the right
  • select both shapes, then Pathfinder>Unite
  • Metalic styling – add a silver/grey colour to the fill
  • Select the Gradient Window, and select the gradient slider
  • Add a third slider/point and change the opacity