Excel – Ordering by domain Suffix / extension

Let’s say you have a list of blogs, and you want to order them so that all the .com’s are together, all the .co.uk’s, all the .org etc.

Use CTRL + F

1. paste all the domains into column A and again in column B
2. Select column B – not column A as on the image
3. Hold CTRL and F keys at the same time
4. Click on the Replace tab on the Find and Replace pop-up box
5. In “Find What” type *.


domain extension order
6. Leave the box for “Replace with” empty. Click Replace All button on the box
7. Column B should now just contain the domain extensions
8. Go to the Data Tab, Sort, and sort everything by Column B A to z

9. Hopefully column A should now be sorted in order of domain extensions (as should column B)



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