Keyword Tool & KW Research

Use Google Suggest!

Say your KW is [Football Boots]

Type in football boots a

football boots b

football boots c

football boots d



Choose the “find new keywords option”

Add medium/neck keywords here (rather than head term, or long tail) for best results.



Words such as “live chat for business” or similar 3 or 4 word phrases should ideally be entered into the first box “Your product or service”

Enter your URL (or a competitors’) and choose a category – you can play around with both of these options to get different or better results.

Keyword filters: Filter your results by things such as minimum monthly search volume:

You can do the same thing with the suggested bid


Get Search Volume Data and Trends

Great if you already have a long list of KWs and just want the search volume.


Other Places to get Keywords


Google suggested searches at the bottom of SERPS

Search the suggested searches, and see what Google suggests this time!

Search Console -> Search Traffic -> see what KWs you are ‘not ranking’ for by viewing queries and ordering by position – in reverse order so that you see the KWs you rank 500th for.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 16.05.31.png