Don’t Get Stuck on the Negatives


Why do we spend so much time thinking about the negatives?
Dwelling on the tiny injustices and trivial occurrences which damage our egos…

Here is a great video about the importance to think about the positives, and how to do it –


One of the best tips, that we can probably all relate to us when you’ve come home from work. Tell your loved one(s) specifically about what was good about your day.  Don’t go into the negative things.
This will prove very difficult at first!

This is one way that you can train yourself to focus on the upside of your day. Other techniques include writing down what you’re grateful for each day.

Positive affirmations are also simple, yet effective.  For example, next time you go into the gym, think or state out loud – “this is going to be an amazing workout”

I think being positive is a very important aspect of parenting.  Children copy their parents, so try remember this next time you start moaning about things that don’t really matter.


National No Moaning Day

I think this would be an amazing way to get sponsorship and make money for charity.

There are similar things about on the internet, like the 21 day no moaning challange –

Are you willing to take the 21 day No Moaning Challenge?

You should be able to nominate a spouse, a colleague, a gym partner or yourself and get sponsorship for charity.

This should definitely be a thing. Either that, or a 30 days of gratitude challenge. Gratitude is a life changer, try it for a week and see the difference that it makes.  I think it would be a cool idea to take pictures of everything that you are grateful for, and make a collage out of it; that is then placed in a prominent place at home or in work.

8 Tremendously Important Ways That Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Also, listening to this lego song helps too!