National No Moaning Day

I think this would be an amazing way to get sponsorship and make money for charity.

There are similar things about on the internet, like the 21 day no moaning challange –

Are you willing to take the 21 day No Moaning Challenge?

You should be able to nominate a spouse, a colleague, a gym partner or yourself and get sponsorship for charity.

This should definitely be a thing. Either that, or a 30 days of gratitude challenge. Gratitude is a life changer, try it for a week and see the difference that it makes.  I think it would be a cool idea to take pictures of everything that you are grateful for, and make a collage out of it; that is then placed in a prominent place at home or in work.

8 Tremendously Important Ways That Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Also, listening to this lego song helps too!


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