Using Get Stat to Monitor Rankings

Home – click on a website to view their rankings

Dashboard Tab

Graph at the bottom is arguably the most helpful.

  • Ranking Averages vs. Distribution Graph
  • If you use the date-picker to a date range of less than 2 weeks, you see daily fluctuations
  • It can be easier to click the # on the bottom left and view the number of KWs in the top 3

Keywords Tab

Click “show/Hide” on top right

Click “google base rank” and “ranking change” and “ranking URL”

Click on the “change” column. Those keywords with a positive change number, have gone down in rankings

Click on each Keyword to see ranking changes over a set date-range (use date-picker on top right)

Competitive Landscape

Compare latest column, to what the share of voice was 7 days ago, 30 days ago, up to 180 days ago.

Click the “site” menu on the top left column of the whole GUI – and pick a category of keywords to see specific changes


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