Smart Slider for WordPress – Simple Guide [2022]

Adding image slider in WordPress

In the admin panel, on the left side there is now an option called “smart slider”.

 When going into there you can select – “dashboard” from the side-menu that appears and then select to create a “new project”.

When creating a new project you can give that slider a specific name etc if you want to

The project type you’d likely want to use is slider and slider type simple, you’d probably want the name to be a reference to the post it is for.

When you add a slide, you can select image which will give you a prompt to add an image from the media library.

Once it’s been set up you need to add the shortcode in the blog editor section and it should populate itself on the frontend, this slider in the example was given an ID of 2, so you’d add [smartslider3 slider=”2”]

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