How to Add Sub-Category Pages – Magento 1

This is a post to remind me how to add sub-category pages on a specific e-commerce site, but most of the instructions are universal to M1

  • Go to Catalog – Manage categories

  • Leave on “All Store Views”

  • Click into folder you want to put a sub-category
  • Press “Collapse All” at the top to keep folders tidy
  • Highlight the Category/Folder you want to add the new sub-category into
  • Click the “+ Add SubCategory” button (blue)

First Tab – if the H1 is too long for the menu – populate Category Name and Category Heading differently


First Tab – General Information

– is main tab to fill in –
URL Key, meta title, page title (name), meta description

– “Include in Navigation Menu” – “NO”

Second Tab – General

Define Filter menu for left of page
“Filter Select Mode”
Enable Selected Filters with the drop down menu

  • Add “price” as a filter
  • Add anything else relevant

“Display Settings” Tab

-Products only

  • Is Anchor – “Yes
  • Make a note of ID Number of sub cat.

“Category Products” Tab

  • Add with product ID or search by name – then tick checkbox on left
  • Position – uses box on the right. Add in tens – 10, 20, 30, not 1,2,3*

    *This makes it easier to add new products in order. If you order everything 1,2,3,4 etc, then you have to change all the order numbers when you add in a new product. Whereas if you order them 10,20,30, then you can add a new product with an order number of 15 and it will sit 2nd.

!Don’t drag the category folders into other folders!

  • Remember to enable the new Sub-category on the first tab when it’s ready!


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