Things to do for Free – Night Walks

I think it’s important to find things that are fun, that you can do for free.

If you don’t mind the risk of getting arrested, or attacked by a bear, then night-walking is awesome. Especially in the woods, on a clear night.  Unfortunately, on the video, I couldn’t get the sky to ‘show up’ nor the moon-light that was on the river.

Trust me though, it’s amazingly peaceful and a cool thing to do. It’s help if you have a dog so that you don’t look like a complete weirdo, and a head-torch.  Picking up poo in the dark can be a bit of a challenge too!

You can make it a cool meditation-esk practice too, by focusing on the sounds you can hear for 10 seconds, then focus on what you can see, and finally what you can feel – e.g. the wind on your face, breathing, feet on the floor etc.



One thought on “Things to do for Free – Night Walks

  1. Sounds a lot like what I used to do with my youngest child: “Meditation Walks”. Feel ground under each step, listen, look, stop, feel, touch, walk again… Connect and redirect any thought that comes in and stay with each moment each step of the way. Thanks for sharing.


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