How To Meditate

The quality of this video is terrible but the content is there:


Meditation is great for enhancing focus, reducing stress and controlling negative thoughts.

You can learn to meditate, by being guided through 10 minute sessions, for 10 days with the free app from HeadSpace, which you can find here.

Breathing meditation can be done without the app.  Just sit up straight, and set a timer for 10-30 minutes.

Breathe in for 10 breaths, focusing on the feeling of the breath coming into and out of the nose, lungs and mouth.
Then breathe in for 10 breaths focusing on the sound of the breath. Then for 10 breaths visualise the air coming into and out of the body.

Repeat this until your time is up on your timer.
If your mind drifts (which it will!) just bring the focus back to the breath.

You can also try using a mantra, a short phrase you can repeat over and over with each breath.

‘Mindfulness’ can be applied to everyday tasks such as washing the dishes.  Focus on the dishes, not what you want to do in 5 minutes time.  Focus on the feelings of touch, the noises etc as you do the dishes, it should make it more enjoyable!  Should!

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