Remarketing in Adwords

 How it works

Remarketing code is put on your website

Visitor’s cookie ID is saved

Adwords Remarketing Campaign shows related adverts to specific visitors when they visited Google-Display-Partner websites

This can be done on the Search Network and the Display Network.


To Get Started

Get Remarketing Code

Click “Shared Library” in left-hand navigation in Adwords

Click “Audiences”

Click “Set up Remarketing”


And then “Set Up Remarketing” blue button:



Remarketing tag / code should now be generated



Click “View Adwords tag for websites” in the blue text (shown above) to get the code.

The code needs placing right before the closing </body> tag


Set up Remarketing List

In shared Library click

“+ REMARKETING LIST” red button



Give the list a name – base it on your landing page

Now under “People who visited a page with any of the following”
Enter the URL which you want remarketing applied to – for now add the whole URL rather than a rule

Choose a duration – how long do you want to ‘reshow’ the advert to visitors for?
E.g. 30 days after they’ve left your site

Click “Save”


Now Connect Remarketing List to Ad Group for Search Network

In top left nav bar – click “All Campaigns”

Then click into Ad Group

Then To set up Search Network Remarketing
Click “Audiences” Tab


Click “Add Targeting” under “Targeting”

Click “Interest & Remarketing” in drop down

Now select your remarketing tag/list

Click save



Now Apply the Remarketing List to Display Network

Click the “Display Network” Tab, then  “interests & remarketing”, then “+ TARGETING”


Now click “Add Targeting” button on the next page

and from the drop down menu “Remarketing lists”

Add your list by clicking the arrow to the right of the list name



Great tutorial here –